Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mobile Application Development

We specialize in developing custom end-to- end mobile application for sharing knowledge, scientific calculations, business process improvement, and controlling. We build great products in  iOS, Android platforms cloud application development.

mobile application Platforms:
iPhone / iPad application development
Android application development

Our mobile application services include:

Business software and solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android,
Productivity apps, utilities and solutions
Mobile client software

Porting web applications to mobile apps in different platforms

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lucid Infosystems


About Lucid

About Lucid / Home
Based in the Bay area of CA, USA, Lucid Info systems is an organization with its expertise aligned towards the Sales force and Cloud Computing domains. Lucid focuses on cloud based Sales force Solutions, Product Development, Implementations and related IT Services. Lucid's discerning and customized solutions have created many delighted clients over the years, including Fortune 500 companies, who continue to use our services.

Lucid also operates out of 2 off-shore offices in Hyderabad, India. The Indian arm of Lucid is designed to support the on-site operations, providing clients the flexibility of working through an on-shore/off-shore model.

Why Lucid?
Lucid Info systems delivers professional expertise through solutions that make a difference. No matter what the need, we are sure to have an intelligent solution. Our products carry the perfect blend of elegance and ease of usage. By partnering with us, you get access to a gamut of choices designed to turbo-charge your growth. From complex sales force implementation problems, to tomorrow’s cloud computing challenges, we make everything 'Lucid'.

The philosophy at Lucid has always been to make technology simple and affordable. Our technology integrated solutions focus on closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. For an unparalleled user experience, for professional expertise to fulfill your ever-changing needs, for an inherent willingness to learn and for the patience to innovate - some of the reasons why our 100+ clients collaborate with us. In Lucid, you will always find a devoted guide and a loyal partner.

Be the company of choice for the global market to deliver a world class customer experience through great software, great values and great people.

Provide unique and inventive solutions and services that deliver superior, measurable values to all stakeholders.

Employee Tracking



Employee Tracking is a tracking app in which admin(COMPANY'S MD) can track all his employees and allowing work through app and chat with employees personally and check all the checkings of that employee and he can able to check individual 24 hours report of an employee.




kid-friendly educational app
A fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn and play.
A free phonics and alphabet, fruits, vegetables, Rhymes and vehicles etc. teaching app that makes learning fun for children, from toddlers all the way to preschoolers and kindergartners. 
It helps kids to recognize alphabets, letters fruits, associate them with phonic sounds. Any toddler, kindergartener or preschool age child can use. 

A colorful early education app that helps children learn and play in levels
Uppercase and lowercase letters with sound.
Smart interface helps kids focus on learning.
No third party ads, no in-app purchases, no tricks. Just pure educational fun.
Watch wonderful images of fruits vegetables , and vehicles all while learning their names
YouTube player implemented to learn rhymes and to watch the stories

Room Sharing


Room Sharing is the best way to share bills and make sure that everyone gets paid back.
Use Room Sharing to split household bills with roommates, to figure out costs. You can figure out the expense according to day and months which help you to in the planning your months expenses.

Invite App


Invite is a user friendly mobile app provides the invitation cards to invite with various customized designs User can get the count of attendees. By this , App user will get an estimation to prepare food by which users can save food, there will be no food wastage.

The main motto of the application is to stop the food wastage in events. Invite app helps in this cause

How to use INVITE
✓✓ After downloading, Login with your mobile number select the type of the event, choose the suitable card you like type the event title on the card schedule the date and time, and type the venue of the event, and click next it will redirects to the contacts select the persons you would like to invite and message will be automatically sent to the selected contacts.



Bharathiyam is a devotional app developed by Ramanujan Info Solutions and Services.
It is available in major Indian languages such as a) Telugu, b) Hindi, c) Kannada, d) Tamil and e) English. In future the app will be available in more Indian languages.

It provides information about a) Temples b) Acharyas c) Pujari d) Madhavseva and e)

a) Temples:

Under this service, the app provides information about majority of temples from all over the world. It includes the information such as history, festivals celebrated, route map to reach that place. You can search for temples in any particular area and the app displays all the temples nearby. It also has a payment gateway for booking darshan, pooja services through online.

b) Acharyas :

We believe that Gurus our messengers to God, so thru this section our app provides biography of guru, links to audio and video speeches of the Guru.

c) Pujari:

In this section user can get information about nearby Hindu Pujari list and can contact with them as well as they can registered them self as a Pujari and also can discuss various topics.

d) Madhavseva:

This feature is for who wish to offer services in temples. In popular devasthanas where pilgrims visit in thousands every day, they recruit devotees who wish to perform service in the temple. Once you download this mobile application and enroll your details, you will get Seva notifications if there are any slots. Bharathiyam makes this feature possible very soon by liaising with respective temple officials.

e). More:

Under this service, the app provides option to join devotional groups or communities. Users can also create a
group or join the group and can participate in discussions.



Under this section user can ask any quires and vidhis of doing Pooja as well as can give feedback for existing questions.


We also believe that Cow is the most sacred thing on this world and Under this service we bring all the people or organizations who are working hard to save the holy cow which is our own.


Under this section user can find out Ashrams details,and also able to give the suggestion of their nearby or know ashrams so we can update the data.


Under this section user can find out Vedhpathshala details,and also able to give the suggestion of their nearby or know Vedhpathshala so we can update the data.


Under this section you can check image of the Madhavseva events.


For many of us our day starts with devotional songs like Suprabatam, stotram or bhakti songs. Here one can find stotras about many Gods both in Audio and Video formats.